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Why Isn't My Country Listed?

The 2014 EPI includes 178 countries representing 99 percent of global population, 98 percent of land, and 97 percent of global GDP. Inclusion in the EPI requires countries have data for all of the indicators included in the Indicator Framework, unless an issue is consider ‘immaterial’ or not relevant for that particular indicator (e.g., a landlocked country does not have a coastline and would therefore not have a viable fisheries industry. See the 2014 EPI report for more details about Materiality Thresholds). Therefore, countries were excluded because of insufficient data.


The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is constructed through the calculation and aggregation of 20 indicators reflecting national-level environmental data. These indicators are combined into nine issue categories, each of which fit under one of two overarching objectives. Click on "Learn More" to explore the complete methods.

Data Explorer

The EPI Data Explorer allows users to dynamically investigate global data: Compare environmental performance with GDP, population, land area, or other variables; create a chart that highlights all 178 ranked countries, only those in a specific region, or a custom-defined group. There's a lot more to the data than rankings, so dive in.