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EPI Digest is a bimonthly newsletter of the Yale Environmental Performance Index (EPI), a research group in the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy. We introduced the EPI Digest in response to the ever-widening scope of our work, which has mushroomed from a static biennial report into a dynamic project that is responsive to current policy developments. Join the discussion and subscribe today!

Why Should I Subscribe?

EPI Digest selects only the most salient content from our larger body of work, which could include publications in scholarly and popular media, multimedia data visualizations like infographics and videos, and previews of metric refinements or formulations.  Occasionally you’ll hear about our data sources and acquisitions methods, for which we may even request your assistance and expertise - especially when we’re developing new and more methodologically sophisticated indicators of global environmental performance that expand our index’s scope.  Together, these topics will offer you a more comprehensive and current understanding of how data and quantitative approaches are helping to answer critical policy questions.

What's the Newsletter's Purpose?

While the Yale EPI has elevated the critical importance of data-driven environmental decision-making over the better part of two decades, we’re humbly cognizant of the inherent challenges in  ranking countries according to a variety of metrics.  That’s why we’re fully committed to clearly articulating the strengths of our work as well its limitations.  It’s our sincere hope that this newsletter will stimulate your mind in a manner that encourages you to collaborate with us and start a dialogue that not only improves our mutual understanding of the complex environment around us, but ultimately leads to more effective policymaking.  We appreciate your interest in the EPI and our newsletter, so please join us!

Past Editions of EPI Digest

August 4, 2015 Food Waste, Air Quality Map in CityLab, Agriculture SDGs, Chinese Stock Market Crash
July 14, 2015 Wastewater Data Needed, Inside China's Climate Pledge, Don't Greenwash Paris: Businesses
June 20, 2015 Pope's Encyclical, Nature Climate Change - Subnational Actors, Air Infographics, SDG Update


The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is constructed through the calculation and aggregation of 20 indicators reflecting national-level environmental data. These indicators are combined into nine issue categories, each of which fit under one of two overarching objectives. Click on "Learn More" to explore the complete methods.

Data Explorer

The EPI Data Explorer allows users to dynamically investigate global data: Compare environmental performance with GDP, population, land area, or other variables; create a chart that highlights all 178 ranked countries, only those in a specific region, or a custom-defined group. There's a lot more to the data than rankings, so dive in.